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Book your private paint celebration! Birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate name it! There's always a reason to celebrate! Choose a painting reference from the choices below, and mark the date and time! It's that easy! Cross reference on the calendar page to ensure availability. Call 208-270-0833 for questions and other painting options. Everything is set up and waiting for you....paints, canvases, easels, follow along instructions and more! $50.00 deposit is all that is required! 12-25 painters per event. Bring your own beverages and/or party food! Leave with your amazing masterpiece! You can choose from: 1) completing individual paintings 2) musical paintings (paintings switch out among painters when the music stops so each person has their hand in each painting)! 3) mural painting (each painter contributes painting a large canvas in a team effort) *Come early if you wish to decorate. *Disco ball available on request. * $18.00 each for kids groups, *$35.00 each for adult groups *Deposit is refundable 1 week prior to the event and transferable 24 hours in advance!

Christmas Magic event     $50.00 Deposit required

Up Packsaddle     $50.00 deposit!      

Harvest Moon     $50.00 deposit


Spring Tulips   $50.00 deposit!!

Autumn Aspens  $50.00 deposit


The Grand 3 Peaks         $50.00 deposit!

Autumn Leaves   $50.00 deposit

Product   Price
Christmas Magic event   $50.00
Up Packsaddle   $50.00
Harvest Moon   $50.00
Spring Tulips   $50.00
Autumn Aspens   $50.00
The Grand 3 Peaks   $50.00
Autumn Leaves   $50.00

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